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  • Renfield

    Renfield (2023)

    93 min

    Having grown sick and tired of his centuries as Dracula's lackey, Renfield finds a new lease on life


  • John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch

    John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch (2019)

    70 min

    John Mulaney and his kid pals tackle existential topics for all ages with catchy songs, comedy sketc


  • A Single Rider

    A Single Rider (2017)

    97 min

    Promising fund manager Jae-hoon is at the brink of losing everything when his company goes bankrupt.


  • Love Again

    Love Again (2023)

    104 min

    Mira Ray, dealing with the loss of her fiancé, sends a series of romantic texts to his old cell phon


  • If You're Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast

    If You're Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast (2017)

    90 min

    Irrepressible writer-comedian Carl Reiner, who shows no signs of slowing down at 94, tracks down cel


  • Life and Nothing More

    Life and Nothing More (2018)

    113 min

    Standing on the edge of adulthood, Andrew yearns to find his purpose as a young African-American in


  • National Parks Adventure

    National Parks Adventure (2016)

    43 min

    Narrated by Academy Award winner Robert Redford, National Parks Adventure takes audiences on the ult


  • Evil Dead Rise

    Evil Dead Rise (2023)

    96 min

    Two sisters find an ancient vinyl that gives birth to bloodthirsty demons that run amok in a Los Ang


  • Saturday Night Live: The Best of Phil Hartman

    Saturday Night Live: The Best of Phil Hartman (1998)

    84 min

    Classic Saturday Night Live skits featuring the hilarious Phil Hartman. Its release in 1998 was s


  • The Tree

    The Tree (2017)

    95 min

    Inspired by an actual friendship between the director's mother and his mother's best friend, 'The Tr


  • STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie

    STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie (2023)

    95 min

    A short kid from a Canadian army base becomes the international pop culture darling of the 1980s—onl


  • Air

    Air (2023)

    112 min

    Discover the game-changing partnership between a then undiscovered Michael Jordan and Nike's fledgli


  • Teach Us All

    Teach Us All (2017)

    80 min

    On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the 1957 Little Rock school desegregation crisis, educational


  • Polite Society

    Polite Society (2023)

    103 min

    Martial artist-in-training Ria Khan believes she must save her older sister Lena from her impending


  • Lola's Love Shack

    Lola's Love Shack (2013)

    93 min

    Two high schoolers make it their mission to help their friend lose his virginity before senior year.


  • Space Oddity

    Space Oddity (2023)

    92 min

    A space-obsessed man gets the opportunity of a lifetime thanks to a Mars colonization program but fi


  • That Guy Dick Miller

    That Guy Dick Miller (2014)

    91 min

    Documentary about veteran character actor Dick Miller, whose career in and outside of Hollywood has


  • Sisu

    Sisu (2023)

    91 min

    Deep in the wilderness of Lapland, Aatami Korpi is searching for gold but after he stumbles upon Naz


  • In God's Time

    In God's Time (2017)

    90 min

    Four characters lives are transformed when they come into contact with a supernatural wristwatch tha


  • 4.1 Miles

    4.1 Miles (2017)

    21 min

    A coast guard captain on a small Greek island is suddenly charged with saving thousands of refugees


  • Blade Runner: Black Out 2022

    Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 (2017)

    16 min

    This animated short revolves around the events causing an electrical systems failure on the west coa


  • Night School

    Night School (2016)

    85 min

    Indianapolis has one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the country. Night School follows


  • The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

    The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (2017)

    105 min

    Describing herself as a 'street queen,' Johnson was a legendary fixture in New York City’s gay ghett


  • Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded

    Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded (2014)

    152 min

    In the 1980s, ruthless Colombian cocaine barons invaded Miami with a brand of violence unseen in thi


  • Survival Family

    Survival Family (2016)

    117 min

    A world wide electrical outage occurs. Everything that requires electricity comes to a stop. Tokyo i


  • League of Legends: Origins

    League of Legends: Origins (2019)

    77 min

    Fans, experts and creators of “League of Legends” detail the game’s rise from free demo to global es


  • An Elephant Sitting Still

    An Elephant Sitting Still (2018)

    234 min

    In the northern Chinese city of Manzhouli, they say there is an elephant that simply sits and ignore


  • Flint

    Flint (2017)

    96 min

    A woman deals with the toxic water scandal in Flint, Michigan, and the effect it has on her family.