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    Wicked (2024)

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    Wicked tells the story of Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West and her relationship with Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. The first of a t...

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    Girl in the Closet (2023)

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    Based on real-life events, Girl In the Closet tells the story of 10 year old Cameron, who, after her mother suffered an aneurysm, was adopted by her A...

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  • Punch en streaming

    Punch (2023)

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    Jim is preparing for his first professional fight but begins to rethink his life's trajectory and his sexuality after tangling with Whetu, a gay Maori...

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    The Middle Man (2021)

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    Frank Farrelli takes on the job as a middle man in the God-forsaken town of Karmack, USA, a community in a depression so deep that they need a middle...

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  • Champions en streaming

    Champions (2023)

    124 min

    A stubborn and hotheaded minor league basketball coach is forced to train a Special Olympics team when he is sentenced to community service.

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  • Black Girl Missing en streaming

    Black Girl Missing (2023)

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    It tells the story of of a mother named Cheryl whose daughter is nowhere to be found. Authorities and media dismiss her as a runaway while focusing on...

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    Palm Trees and Power Lines (2023)

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    A disconnected teenage girl enters a relationship with a man twice her age. She sees him as the solution to all her problems, but his intentions are n...

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  • Creed III en streaming

    Creed III (2023)

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    After dominating the boxing world, Adonis Creed has been thriving in both his career and family life. When a childhood friend and former boxing prodig...

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    12 Desperate Hours (2023)

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    It centers on Val who finds herself and her young children held hostage by Denny when he forces his way into her house after committing murder that da...

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  • Who Are You People en streaming

    Who Are You People (2023)

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    After trying and failing to seduce her teacher, 16-year-old Alex runs away from her boarding school. Trying to seek out the biological father her moth...

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    The Integrity of Joseph Chambers (2023)

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    Fearing the apocalypse, an insurance salesman sets off into the woods on a solo hunting experiment.

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  • The Strays en streaming

    The Strays (2023)

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    A Black woman's meticulously crafted life of privilege starts to unravel when two strangers show up in her quaint suburban town.

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  • The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story en streaming

    The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story (2023)

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    The TRUE STORY of how Kara Robinson was kidnapped, assaulted and held captive for 18 hours, 15-year-old Kara Robinson plots a daring escape from a ser...

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  • Blue Jean en streaming

    Blue Jean (2023)

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    Jean, a PE teacher is forced to live a double life. When a new student arrives and threatens to expose her, Jean is pushed to extreme lengths to keep...

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